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High Quality Jewelry

The materials used in her designs are Sterling Silver, Gold filled, Semiprecious and precious stones, saltwater and fresh water pearls. She feels Her designs are versatile in that one can wear the same piece in either a formal or casual setting. Some are simple, orders are very intricate.


“My intent is to offer pieces that make women feel comfortable and beautiful, knowing they are wearing a piece that has been hand crafted with care, dedication, passion and love for my work”.

Meet the Designer

The greatest happiness in life comes from the happiness of love. At Langlois Designs, I craft beautiful and unique pieces of art made with love from my heart to yours.

I am Susana Langlois, the artist, designer and craftman behind every piece of jewelry you see at Langlois Designs. Each piece starts with my love and appreciation for the simple things in life; the moon and stars, the beauty of nature and the love of those dearest to my heart. I hand select every pearl and stone you see in my work. When I am crafting jewelry, I am transformed into a different world where my hands are creating designs filled with love, honesty and passion. I want each necklace, ring and set of earrings to make you feel elegant, beautiful and confident knowing that each piece is handcrafted with care, dedication, passion and love for my work.

As an independent artist and business woman, I stand behind every piece I make. Since 1998, Langlois Designs has tailored necklaces so that you have the right chain, length or ring size for the perfect fit, and even designed and crafted customized items so that you have a finished piece that you love now and forever.


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Upcoming Events


5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

302 W. Oak St

Palestine, TX 75801

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