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"From my heart to yours"

To the artist, “Langlois Designs” means that everything in this life is possible if you want to do it and more importantly if you’re willing to go for it. It has been 22 years since her journey started when she felt the need to express her mind through her hands. Susana says, “Once I sit down to work, I transport myself into a different world. An endless ocean of concepts, where my mind and hands become one to materialize my designs. I get inspiration from the simple things in life: The moon and stars, leaves and flowers or plain spheres and cylinders. Also, from those nights when my imagination doesn’t want to stop and visions are revealed in dreams that imprint figures in my mind, such as a shadow on the ground, or just things which I can’t truly see, but reveal themselves as I work”. For the first ten years, construction was the foundation of her art;
Until recently when she discovered and fell in love with the wonders of carving in wax. Now, having the best of both worlds, she feels that her designs have no limits. The metals used in her designs are Sterling silver and gold.

The materials used in her designs are Sterling Silver, Gold filled, Semiprecious and precious stones, saltwater and fresh water pearls. She feels Her designs are versatile in that one can wear the same piece in either a formal or casual setting. Some are simple, orders are very intricate. Susana says about her jewelry, “My intent is to offer pieces that make women feel comfortable and beautiful, knowing they are wearing a piece that has been hand crafted with care, dedication, passion and love for my work”.

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